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Small business package offerings

Our Small Business Service Package is an all inclusive solution that offers small businesses relief from the day-to-day accounting hassles.




  • Monthly financials including a balance sheet, a P&L, trending review and budget performance.

  • Monthly reconciliations of all balance sheet accounts

  • Weekly bill processing  and payments

  • Weekly cash updates

  • Weekly credit card expense updates

  • Communication, communication, communication

  • Sales tax filings & local compliance

  • Strategic tax planning

  • One tax return included per entity

As your business partner, we pay your bills, record deposits, and post expenses as real time as possible.  This allows us to furnish financial statements within two weeks after month close.  We’re normally waiting on the straggling bills to finish! 

Additional Services

Need payroll? Simple.

Starting at $100 per month per EIN and $8 per employee.  You’ve never had it so good; W2’s, compliance, the works.


We calculate regular time, overtime, double-time, California time & time off (including holidays and sick leave) - all while eliminating paper time sheets, spreadsheets and manual time entry. Your employees will have access to their paystubs and W2’s electronically.


Direct deposits to bank accounts? Yep, at no additional cost to you.


Our custom mobile app is a state of the art platform for Android and iPhone’s which includes Geo fencing, GPS tracking, mobile scheduling, alerts and approvals. Our in store kiosk app uses facial recognition to ensure no buddy punching  and you can run it on a  PC, Android tablet or iPad.


Our scheduling features will amaze you with their functionality and ease of use. Graphic intuitive scheduling has never been easier.


Accounts receivable management

Need an easy system to send monthly statements? We’ve got you covered. We have the tools that allow us to send bills and collect open balances, automagically. We employ unicorns.

Personal tax preparation

We’re happy to help with your personal returns. Since we are working together with your other businesses, the process to wrap up your individual return should require less work and headaches.

Software training

Need help tightening up your employee’s skill sets? We will be happy to discuss and see how we can help; we’re not one trick ponies!

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